Picture Story Sundays: Sure-Footed

Mall of Asia Run. Circa 2008. I already had lupus by this time and I couldn’t join the run. I remember having trouble carrying my camera because I was having lupus arthritis and the camera, a DSLR, was heavy–even if it were just a Nikon D30. Oh wait, it had enormous zoom lenses that added significant weight.

I could still remember back in college when me and my friend Enzo would run Ateneo grounds during night time. Most of the time I ran on my own, but being with Enzo and sometimes Nescy helped me get over the creeps when running in the high school area at night (that place had a lot of ghost stories that, naturally, pinaniwalaan ko.)

Running was easy back then. When I ran, my mind was elsewhere while my body did what it had to do automatically. I loved running because I felt my lungs burn and my legs in heated pleasure as I hit the pavement. But nowadays running is different. I have to think about my posture and where and how my feet land. After I had transverse myelitis (spinal inflammation) in 2009, I never really got to run the way I used to. I have not regained that same kind of balance and sure-footedness that was second nature to anyone who could walk. I miss that so badly. Being able to let go, to just fly away with my feet.

But I’m working on it. I never stop thinking about it. About getting back, getting strong again, so I could run as I used to: feet on the ground, mind in the clouds.

Here are the other photos I took during that event:

           statuesconverse like-waging-war  my-people

I wish I hadn’t put caption in the photos so I could have preserved them in raw form because I don’t have the originals anymore. Oh well. These are photographs of a military group joining the run. They ran in tandem and had the same outfits. Almost all of them were wearing chuck taylors and long socks. They looked pretty cool.

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