Picture Story Sundays: Hana

HanaHer name is Hana and she is a charming little beast. She’s the dog you see in cartoons who chases its tail. She barks when you’re talking with each other because she wants to be a part of the conversation. She’s the dog in comic strips who sits staring at her master while they’re on the computer–just waiting patiently. And you look at her you know she’s happy and wags her tail (sometimes she even pees herself from the excitement of your attention). She’s the dog who knows when her master’s car is outside the gate. She loves her Pedigree dog food, and peanuts, and junk food and human food too (we try to minimize giving her the nasty stuff). Hana can sit, stand and turn by command, but a lot faster and more precise if there’s a dangling treat in your hand. She likes walks outside our village and even though other dogs bark at her, she doesn’t pay them attention. Maybe she doesn’t know she’s a dog. Nevertheless we love our Hana, and we know our Hana loves us too.

Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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