Food We Love: Pho Bac – Vietnamese

I wouldn’t know what authentic Vietnamese food taste like because I haven’t been. But my friend Enzo, who frequents Vietnam in his travels, tells me that they cost less than P100 a meal and tastes fresh and clean and DELICIOUS.

Anyway for a taste of Vietnam that I that is somewhat authentic, because there is a Vietnamese-looking lady in the kitchen (oh, I should have taken a photograph!), we go to Pho Bac.

You can count on your fingers the number of restaurants we like and go back to on a regular basis and Pho Bac is one of them. And because we are a family of habit, we tend to order the same thing again and again.

This one is called Cambodia which my parents order ALL THE TIME. It has a little bit of everything: a variety of meats, shrimps, little bit of mung sprouts, a clean delicious broth and flat noodles.

Cambodian Pho Bac

As for me, when I don’t feel like having broth/soup, I order the Spring Roll Salad: fried pork spring roll, some green leafy vegetables on the side, plenty of mung sprouts, lots and lots of noodles (probably 1 and a half cup), and some unsalted peanuts on top. This is taken with their oh so delicious vinegar that is sour and sweet, which I totally devour, with anything they serve, even when I order the Cambodian.

Spring Roll Salad
Spring Roll Salad

There are several braches of Pho Bac. We usually eat in Glorietta Makati, but had my first experience in Robinsons Galleria. I think there is also one in SM MOA.

Highly recommended! Also easy on the pocket, one meal costs probably P200-P300 tops. And super nakakabusog. As in nakakabundat, especially if you eat all the noodles.

Author: Joandrea

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