The Best Gift You Can Give To Yourself Each Morning

is complete sleep.

For me, sleep has become a task that I have to check on my list. Getting the 7-8 hours of sleep every night is something that for me requires discipline. There’s just so many things to distract me from going to bed by 10 PM at the latest. There’s that movie to watch, that book to finish, that boy in Paris that I had to adjust my time to get to talk to (good thing he’s in the same timezone after the holidays).

You know? I think you can relate.

Here are the steps–that I’m still trying to perfect–to get me that 7-8hours of sleep EACH NIGHT:

What I do now is turn off the wifi on my gadgets as soon as I hit the bed or earlier. And I still wake up in the middle of the night and am tempted to turn it back on, because I know there would be notifications waiting for me! But I’ve come to master that.

It is NOT having your phone next to you that’s the problem. It’s having access to all the things the internet brings you, whether they are messages, notifications, all those beeps that distract you and tells you that you have to look at it NOW. You don’t have to. It’s time for sleep.

Darkness is my friend. This is both scientific and personal to me. I always wanted my room to be super dark even as a kid. The idea was that if there were monsters in my room I wouldn’t see them. Hehe. But scientifically speaking darkness signals our body that it is time for sleep. All the chemicals that aid sleep come out when you’re in darkness.

Another add-on that has been effective for me is listening to sleeping aid music. Pzizz is the one I use on my android phone, where a very sexy male voice guides me to sleep. While Relax M.P. HD is the one I use with my iPad, which lets me modify the white noise I want to hear. They also have soundwaves that direct deep sleep, dreamless sleep or with dreams–which is pretty cool because they worked on me. I set these things up to play for an hour until it auto shuts off (don’t worry about your eardrums), but I’m usually asleep a few minutes into playing.

Last, I found that having a physically active day gets me into a ready to sleep mood by 8:30 PM. Yes! That early. See my workout regimen here.  And sometimes, when I know the tasks for the day is already done. Like yesterday, I was down by 8:45 and up by 4:30 AM to do my early morning jog. ^_^

Sleep is one of the routine things I give value to and cherish because it defines how my day will go. Having enough sleep lets me do all my exercises. It keeps my mind active and ready to execute goals. And generally, you’re just a nicer person when you’ve had enough sleep.

Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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