What is my 6-month goal?


Here it is. Of course, the one I have hanging on my wall has my signature in it. The goal is to go from currently 63kgs to 56.8kgs equivalent to 125 pounds. I’ve been off my lupus meds since Dec 23, 2015, and I’m about to hit my one-month milestone 4 days from now! Yipee! Getting to this point was difficult and took 6 years of figuring out. But now that I’m here, I’m pushing myself hard. Trying to make the right choices every day to make me stronger and to get rid of my lupus #forever.

I had paralysis back in 2009 to mid-2010 and my legs have not gotten back to its normal strength ever since. There were periods when I was stronger too, but I went with a whole-body workout instead of focusing on my weakest muscles. This time around, and it started October last year, I’m focusing on strengthening my legs with minimum upper body workouts. Here is the link to my 6-month goal this 2016.

The daily inputs found on the calendar are proof of the work I’m putting into my goal. It is not easy! I’m not used to doing so many activities in a day. However, I do notice that it gets easier to do it after every week! I’m so excited to be able to run up and down the stairs, get up from the ground and DO STUFF NORMAL PEOPLE DO!!!

Thanks be to God for a body that heals!



Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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