Knowing Your Body – When To Take It Easy

[Listen to Lewis Howes’ Podcast about pushing yourself to the edge–but not jumping off the edge. It’s an affirmation that pain and hustle are necessary for growth but there is always a limit that we must identify, seek to reach, but that must not be crossed too often else we will fall].

I have had my lupus since mid-2008. That’s 8 years of prescription medicine and steroids. During this period, I’ve come to know my body well and know when I can do something and when I should take a break.

Never in those 8 years have I been strong enough to push my body as I do now with my rigorous workout exercise. In order to maintain this level of consistent high-intensity effort, I know that  several factors are important so that I wouldn’t get burned out and one of the most important things is listening to my body.

Yesterday, I have been distracted (by someone), and I wasn’t able to do my stairs repeat or circuit within the day. Rather I ran twice: one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The two runs totalled 11,ooo+ steps which is pretty good because I average 2000 steps less than that.

I woke up early today with sore calves. I’m supposed to do a run before 6 AM. Here’s the thing, I want to go all out every day, BUT I must also listen to what my body is telling me and it’s telling me that I need to sit this one down. This is very important to us lupus patients especially because stress–both in body and mind–triggers our flares. My body aches, and I haven’t gotten enough sleep yet (body got used to waking up too early). So today is an off day. And I will not feel sorry about it. I need some R&R and I know I’ve been consistently pushing it hard for the last two weeks. Today, it’s okay if I don’t reach my minimum step goal of 5,500. It’s okay if I don’t do my circuit or stairs repeat. I notice that after a full day recovery I perform better the next day on my exercises, so it’s a win-win situation. I’ll spend my time today reading the Super Immunity book I haven’t finished yet and preparing tasty vegetables for lunch and dinner–oh! and catching up 2 more hours of sleep!

So that’s it for now! Remember, listen to your body. Learn when to turn down the notch and when to go the extra mile.

Be well!

Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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