1-Month Milestone – No Lupus Meds!


Today I celebrate 1 month entirely OFF ALL MY LUPUS MEDS! Woooohhhoooo!! 

I started taking Lupus medication June of 2008 and since then have been reliant on immunosuppressants such as Prednisone and Mycept (just added last year). Let me say that these meds did help manage my lupus back in the day. They stopped the pain and stopped lupus from wrecking havoc to my day to day existence.

However–and this a truth all lupus patients must understand–all the medications we’re taking to keep the monster from coming out kill us slowly each time we take them. They are what they are, they suppress our immune system, we become more susceptible to infections and all forms of sickness and cancer. CANCER!!!

Taking off my meds was a personal choice and was not under the blessing of my Rheumatologist. However, I made significant changes in my diet and lifestyle in order to reach this level of independence: I changed my diet, I prioritized sleep, I chose to create relationships with people who will support me, and I changed my belief system from believing lupus is a lifetime disease towards it being something I can conquer.

Let me tell you that God gave us a body that can heal. There is a saying here in my country that goes, “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.” (The Lord has mercy, but man must do the work.) That said, I did not go from point A to point B without making a lot of sacrifices. Believe me, all those sacrifices are worth it if you can wake up each morning without feeling any pain.


Thanks be to God. I am grateful for being able to sleep 7 hours again when I had been deprived of sleep from 2009-2014. I am grateful that I can walk again from being paralysed waist down. I am grateful that when my friends ask me how I feel without meds, I am able to answer, “I feel normal”. I am grateful for my family and friends who continue to support me and who were my strength when I felt I didn’t have any. I am grateful because even if my body tells my story, my spirit shouts that I am whole, that I am full.

Thanks be to God.

Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

3 thoughts

    1. Hey! Saw your blog. Not sure if you know, but I also suffered from Transverse Myelitis. 🙂 My recovery was longer than yours and my legs aren’t as strong as they were YET. But I’m working extra hard on them now, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll get back to normal and stronger this year. 🙂


      1. oh no I didn’t!!! yes you will! I just checked your goals you are right on point! when I was recovering I just focused on my legs, and I have stairs in my house so that really helped. please feel free to message me if you have any queries regarding physiotherapy, exercises etc. I believe physiotherapy is the most important of recovery in TM.


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