I Have To Say “No”–For Now

DSC_2786Despite everything great that’s happening to my health, there are still things that I have to say no to–for now.

First is a job offer from my friend as social media manager. The set up would have allowed me to do the work at home. Yes, it may be a perfect fit for me but I feel that it may not yet be the right time for me to take up extra work because I’m focusing on my health.

My job now as a virtual assistant affords me plenty of time to focus on my goals. A huge part of my day (starting this January) has been focused on exercising, reading books about nutrition and just having a restful evening after a hard day of physical activity. I still have responsibilities at home and I feel that adding an extra job may hinder me from achieving my goal at the set date.

I also feel that I haven’t achieved enough significant milestones yet. I’ve only been off my meds for one month! And I haven’t established a concrete diet plan that will look like 80% plant produce per day! That transition does not happen overnight, not even in a month, so I still have to figure out how to create a staple meal plan (for the rest of my life) of vegetables and fruits.

Patience is a virtue and rebuilding my health takes time and discipline. For now, that is my focus. I believe the rest will come naturally when my body is ready.


Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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