Part 1: Point A To Point B

It has only been two months that I’ve stopped taking any lupus meds, and to some, that isn’t long enough for you to believe that my method will work for you too. But I’d like to share it with you anyway because I feel absolutely fantastic for the past two months not having to drink any kinds of meds and feeling 100% lupus-free. I don’t feel any knee pains, when I step out of the car or when I stand up from a sitting position I no longer need to take a minute to get going, I sleep great, I can go out in the sun (but still early morning sun, hot here in the Ph) and not get any rashes. And the most important thing of all is that I get to be more in service at home and am able to go out and see my friends. Thanks be to God!

What is my Point A to Point B?

First of, what is Point A? I won’t go as far as my paraplegic years of 2009 (check out that post, it’s a must-read), but let’s say Point A was only just a year ago. This was taken March 1, 2015. See the “moon face” and the thinning hair? During this time I was also on IV meds for a Urinary Track Infection that is no longer susceptible to oral meds. During 2015, I was on a prescription for antibiotics every two to three weeks. This is because of the recurring UTI. At the time I was 70kgs.



Point B is today, almost a year after.

Today, I am so proud to say that I no longer drink any medication. I may pop a multivitamin when I remember to do so, but I don’t think it’s necessary. And I just feel great! I feel blessed every day that the Lord has given me a body that can heal. And you know what, He has given us all that gift.


Please stay tuned to the succeeding parts of this blog post as I show you how you can also try to make positive changes in your life so we can tell the world and fellow lupus patients, that this is not a life-long sickness. We can fight and prevent this.

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