February Hustle – Full of Injuries

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.14.49 AM

This February I had a taste of injuries. I fell THREE TIMES! OA! First, was during a morning jog. Second, was during a morning brisk walk; this was while I was still recuperating from my first fall, was taking it easy by just brisk walking πŸ˜“. Third, was sometime this month when I realized I like someone (hehe | YAY! | which of course superseded the first two injuries). 😊

No, but seriously. I’m still paying for my first injury until now because I still couldn’t do floor exercise which required my injured knee on the ground (such as knee pushups, different kind of planks, donkey kicks, etc.)

On top of that, my Jawbone UpMove conked out on me. I’ve been wearing this tiny gadget for so long, now that it’s gone, I feel like something is missing in my attire like I forgot to wear underwear. More importantly, I’m not able to see how much sleep and steps I’ve done in the day. Seeing the numbers every day is a huge motivator to do better or, at least, reach my daily goal.

Good news is that there are no symptoms of lupus surfacing and I’ve reached my 2nd month without lupus meds. Thanks be to God! I’ve incorporated a ton of vegetables in my diet and stayed away from the processed food. Although I still indulge occasionally, indulgence remains in very small amounts.

I’ll be reaching my weight goal by March. I’ve lost 4kgs in February with my lupus-free diet and I am now 58kgs! Yey! By March, I’ll be applying a sideline job which I can also do at home. And will still be focusing on strengthening my legs.

New goal: grow in a relationship

I don’t believe in jinxing the future of a relationship Β by announcing way ahead, rather I’m into celebrating Β the progress we’ve made so far. And we’ve made good progress–discovering strong similarities in our values: family, faith, hard work, growth, understanding, level of maturity, goals. I am thoroughly enjoying the many beautiful moments in our patient steps towards growth.

All these goals and achievements I pursue and achieve always with a request for God’s blessing and guidance. 😊

Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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