Part 3: Change Your Lifestyle: Eat To Live

In this portion, I am going to dive into the lifestyle change that worked for me: Eating to live. 

I am very blessed that a friend of mine, Enzo, had urged me to try so many different things to battle my lupus. This guy is a research junkie and has tried a lot of self-experimentation with different kinds of diets, exercises, and supplements to get himself to optimal health.

Like him, I was not a stranger to trying out different medications and diets to see whether their claims of “curing lupus” were true. Before my Eat to Live diet, I have tried: Chinese herbal tea from Ongpin, Herbalife, USANA, gluten-free diet, Vita Plus, protein-rich diet, a two-week all fruit diet, fruitarian, etc. And I’m pretty sure you too have tried one or more types of diet or medication to deal with your own.

But here is what worked for me: Eat to Live

  • Please note that I am advocating this diet because it has worked successfully for me so far. I am not claiming that this will work for you. But I urge you to try it.

I suggest getting Eat to Live, because it is easier to read. I just read the first chapter of Super Immunity, then felt absolutely horrified because written there was my death sentence and I was immediately convinced to take the next step.

Also, let me tell you: go buy and read the book/s. Everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days. Install a Kindle app, sign up for an Amazon account, buy, and read the book. No excuses. You can use your BDO Mastercard ATM to register for Amazon if you do not have a credit card.

Why do I insist on buying and reading the books?

Because knowledge, knowing the reason and science behind your diet, is the sure way for you to apply it. I do not believe in spoon-feeding (please don’t ask me what I eat because I’ve already written it here). If you want to get better, you got to spend some money and some time to read a book. I tell you, when your actions are backed up by solid data, you wouldn’t second-guess yourself.

What will you learn?

  • In these books you will find out why switching to a vegetable and fruit intense diet will build your immune system.
  • It will guide you on the amounts of vegetable and fruits you should eat a day.
  • It will correct universally accepted truths about food: is it really necessary to drink milk for calcium; what are trans fat, fats, the benefits of olive oil; how much protein and fats are in vegetables; what the difference is between macro and micro nutrients; how does our body measure fullness (kabusugan); how much micronutrients are there in produce vs animal products, what causes cancer, why the number of people dying from cancer are increasing, why people have immune disease problems.
  • You will learn how to heal your body and boost your immune system, and hopefully, CURE you of lupus.

Are you on a “healthy” diet?

  • I eat 4-5 pieces of fruit a day; minimum of 1.5 cups of fresh vegetables and 1.5 cups of cooked vegetables; I rarely eat rice, for quick carbs I eat a banana  = micronutrient rich | builds the immune system | correct amount of serving. For a more detailed breakdown check this post.
  • Do you still eat: corned beef, longganisa, beef tapa, hotdog, chips, chocolates, cake, spaghetti, fast food, burgers, french fries, peanut butter, bread, rice, butter, margarine, fried foods, and eat a lot of fish, chicken, pork, beef = foods rich in calories but little or no micronutrients | does nothing/weakens your immune system.
  • The hard truth is that you need to give up a lot of things in order for you to achieve the best health possible. I gave up the regular -silog breakfast for cucumber and banana smoothies. I gave up cakes and chocolates during the Christmas holidays. When everyone else was eating their meals, I cooked my own food.
  • Don’t worry I am NOT a full vegetarian. I’m only about 70-80% (calories) vegetarian each day. Hahaha! And yeah, I love eggs. But I eat them with a heaping serving of vegetables.
  • The pictures below (care of Pinoy Trending’s FB page) is the correct amount of vegetables you should be eating per meal, which is about 1.5-2 cups of vegetables PER MEAL. The biggest misconception about healthful eating is the amount. YOU ARE NOT EATING ENOUGH TO NOURISH YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. SIMPLE. KULANG. (I keep hearing people say they’re on a “healthy diet”, reality is they are not, you probably aren’t too.)

What are the results of my micronutrient-intense diet:

  • I was able to stop taking my medication (Please do not just remove your meds. Some of us here know our body well enough to understand when we can increase or decrease our meds on our own. Some here have no idea. If you’re the latter approach your doctor and allow him to slowly decrease your dose as you slowly increase your healthful eating. Let him know that you’re moving into a high micronutrient-rich diet and your purpose is to boost your immune system.)
  • I do not have any lupus symptoms! I don’t get rashes. I do not get any aches.
  • I get to go out more. I get to give more of my time because I feel good. I get to see my friends more. And because I know that I am now in a position to give, I allow myself to grow in a relationship–to love in a way that I can give more rather than need more.
  • The quality of my life and my confidence has increased significantly.
  • I can now once again aim for bigger goals through the foundation of my health.
  • I get to be active again and exercise every day, yes, with this diet:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.04.40 AM

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  1. I am so glad that you are on your way to recovery, I am a strong believer of taking food as medicine rather taking medicine as food. and I am impressed from your exercise schedule, are you doing stairs for your legs (transverse myelitis)?


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