Turning 29

From the time I was diagnosed, doctors and all resource material tell me that there is no cure for lupus and I will have to take medications until the day I die.

Here I am now, I just turned 29 and I haven’t taken medication since December 23, 2015. I laugh because everything I asked for a few years ago actually came true: I’m lupus-free, I’ve reached my weight goals, I had a relationship that was full of learnings, I have a Macbook (haha, yes, I wanted one), my family travelled to Japan, I saw cherry blossoms, and so much more.
June 5, 2016 – I turned 29 years old


All of these things seemed unreachable to me a few years back.

The half year is nearly coming to an end; have I achieved all my goals?

The answer is yes!!!


Lastly, I want to say that I’m still playing in my B-game. I’m still not there. You know that feeling of uneasiness where you’re still not where you want to be? I feel that every day. I’m starting my game a bit late because Lupus took away years from my life. But I don’t whine about it.

Lupus has taught me a valuable lesson. Life isn’t fair. Life will aways throw you curve balls and it doesn’t care whether you are a good or a bad person. We deal with it. We learn from it. We hustle.


Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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