Paying it Forward – Resource Material

I believe that one of the key steps to achieving your goals is feeding your mind with materials that will nurture your hustle. For me, it was listening to and watching Lewis Howes’ Podcast. Slowly my mindset changed from someone who did have big goals and dreams, to someone who worked on those goals and dreams.

The theme of this podcast is: learn something new, believe in yourself, give back to others, be grateful every day, and so much more. But unlike the short quotes you see on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you hear REAL stories of the HUSTLE OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. It is inspiring to know that so many of those who are now big in their game had to fail so many times.

And truly I feel is my duty to share the resources that changed my life:

2015 Lewis Howes Lifestyle WeHo
2015 Lewis Howes Lifestyle WeHo

Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness Podcast (free content)

Lewis is the best in his craft of interviewing people who he believes will give us wisdom and inspire us to achieve our greatness. He is a master in bringing out the CORE MESSAGE of the people he interviews. It is his super power.



Gary Vaynerchuk (free content)

Gary Vaynerchuk is new in my headspace, but he has great content too. He is straight forward in his message: stop whining and hustle. From him, you get it straight and cut throat. He will tell you, “YOU ARE NOT HUSTLING, THIS IS HOW YOU HUSTLE!” You do not need to be an entrepreneur to be in line with this guy. He is honest and raw.

vanessa van edwards

Creative Live – Vanessa Van Edwards (paid content)

For my 29th birthday, I enrolled  in two classes from Creative Live. I want to feed my fascination for people, understand their emotions, and in the process become more empathetic. Human psychology and understanding people is one of my personal interests.

Creative Live offers free and paid classes in the field of creativity: Photo & Video, Art & Design, Music & Audio, Craft & Maker, and Money & Life.

30 days of genius

30 Day of Genius – Interviews by Chase Jarvis (free content)

If you know who Richard Branson is, or Ariana Huffington, Chase Jarvis interviewed these people and 28 others. You will learn something valuable from each of these people in their journey toward success. This is quite similar to the School of Greatness Podcast–good content nonetheless.


Now that I’ve shared with you a tonne of resources you must be thinking, do I tap on all of these? I suggest you tap into at least one. Test it out. See if it works for you. But it would be a shame if you didn’t at least try one.

For me, my time on social media and online window shopping AND watching TV were replaced with these–not entirely but significantly, and it did me good!

Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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