Our Deepest Connections Are The Ones With Your Own Tribe


You attract the kind of person you embody.

There is one common denomination for all men and that is the need to connect. I have found that the deepest and most meaningful connections I have are always with the people whom I share my core values with. Laughter and ideas can be shared with most people of course, but there is nothing like having a connection with someone who shares your core principles.

Opposites Attract.

I believe that we attract our tribe. When we show up in the world in a way that reflects our beliefs and principles, we attract like minded people. For example, if you put value in your family, you will attract people who also values family; if you are health conscious, most of your tribe are also the same; if your principles are that of integrity, you find it difficult to be with people who do not have this value.

And once in a while, you find someone–these people are few–that you are able to dig deep with. You take away all the things that are merely on the surface and you dig down to your core values and you find that theirs are the same. And what I’ve discovered is that you need not have the same background or even be in the same geography to have this shared connection.


I get a feeling of joy every time I interact with my tribe. I feel a great sense of empathy in their struggles and happiness in their personal joys because I am able to celebrate with them fully and feel their sadness when they do.

These people are the ones you keep for life. And because life is not perfect, there may come a time that you will need to fight for that relationship. As for me, I’ve already fought for two and they were worth keeping.

Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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