Relationships | Rules On Love

There are so many books about dating and relationships. They often teach us about self-worth and loving yourself first. We are told that a potential partner must meet certain criteria and if those are not met, then we must take our business elsewhere.

I’m so tired of reading the same rules again and again about how NOT to lose in the game of love and how everything is focused on whether I am getting what I deserve.

I want to read about the wisdom of a love that endures. I believe there is no perfect gentleman or lady that equates to a happy ever after. Sooner or later we will see the imperfections we were blind to during the early stages of infatuation, we will face challenges and disagreements inevitable in the human condition.


Yet there are things such as giving, compromise, understanding, patience, and perseverance– which do not sound as sexy as forever, perfect, or soulmates–but are equally, if not more magical. 

And friends, if we had followed the rules to a tee, how then will we discover the magic of these words? How then would we know the beauty of growth and learning if we give up once we see the other’s weaknesses?


Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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