Bad Habits Are Creeping Up On Me Like Discarded Chocolate Wrappers On My Desk!

I have a confession: I’ve not been eating as healthfully as I want.

  • I’ve not been preparing my own food and I’ve reverted back to a regular breakfast: tapsilogs, longsilogs, etc. My accountability partner has been asking me whether I’ve cooked a meal (because I used to do this all the time) and I keep answering “no”. Not only do I say “no”, I say we’ve ordered out. And I feel hella guilty!!!
  • I have been choosing a muffin, chocolates, and chips over fruits! And it’s my fault because I’ve agreed with my mom at the grocery knowing that muffins, cakes, and baked goods are my weakness.
  • Yes, you will find discarded chocolate wrappers on my trashcan! *guilty

I am guilty of eating melted-and-stuck-together pieces of Lindt chocolate. (They melted together in my aunt’s car). SUPER SARAP. Huhu

On a positive note! 

  • I have been sleeping a good 7-8 hours a day! This is a big achievement because for May and June I was off. And I know how important sleep is for achieving those daily goals.
  • I’ve been building my exercise routine to do lifting at least twice a week and planning to increase that to three times a week.
  • At work, we have finally moved our business from one city to another. It took us close to 9 months of processing to do this, but the hard work has paid off!
  • I have been able to maintain and nurture relationships with my friends and loved ones. I was also able to create new friendships and connections both from people at work and fellow lupus patients.
  • I’ve changed up my blog and made it look visually attractive.

What I need to work on:

Health is always a priority for me because it’s my foundation for being able to finish my responsibilities at work and home, and for doing activities I enjoy such as working out and taking classes. I honestly feel the slight presence of lupus because of my neglect! My body is telling me: hoy umayos ka!

  • Going to go to the market TOMORROW with mum to pick out vegetables I’m going to eat for the week. And do this every Sunday.
  • Need to nail down how to cook ginisang ampalaya, which is my favourite default vegetable meal. Also, learn what else to do with spinach and kale so I can include these two high-nutrient vegetables in my diet.
  • Start doing smoothies in the morning again!

How about you? July is almost over how’s your progress for the month? Any last minute changes before the month ends?


Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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