Globe Broadband Fail – No Internet Connection – BACK UP AFTER 7 DAYS!

This morning, I was greeted by my 8th Globe Broadband customer service call in the span of 7 days. I was told that our area can only accommodate 2MBPS subscriptions. We have been on 15MBPS since April (4 months). My brother, who lives next door, is on 5MBPS.

It maybe that Globe is taking in more clients than their infrastructure can handle. Is this a way of forcing subscribers to downgrade so you can accommodate more?! 

I have been willing to invest so much for our Internet Subscription because for someone who works at home, this is my gateway to connect. It allowed me to show up without hindrance, make calls to people abroad whom I keep relationships with, accommodate people who connect to me thru my writing and this blog, and just be an effective virtual assistant.

All my classes, podcasts, video tutorials–these things that served me, these avenues where I could learn, was made possible because I had a reliable connection. And I’m not exaggerating; my best friend is taking up his Masters in Supply Chain Management thru Penn State Online. It is that important in this day and age.


Now, I’m thinking about how much MB it’s gonna cost me to be supportive, download a new class I want to learn, etc. My Plan B is also a Globe Tattoo Subscription, but instead of being charged per hour, which was the original contract agreement, they changed it to per megabyte costing (without letting me know!!)

This is not the best way to start August.
Not the best way to start August, I know. But now that I’m done ranting, I’m going on solution mode. Research: alternative service providers; see whether there’s still a way for Globe to fix the situation.


  • A few hours after publishing this post, my Globe Broadband Plan 15MBPS got back up! HORAY!! I lost my connection 30 minutes short of 7 days!
  • I am so grateful for all the times I had an awesome internet connection. I am so emotional about it.  I mean if it were not for this internet connection, I would not have been able to get all the episodes of The School of Greatness Podcast. I would not have been able to download my courses on Creative Live. I would not have been able to tweak my blog page nor post entries. I want to crrryyyyyy!!! I would not have been able to keep my long distance relationships. HUHUHUHU.. It makes me so emotional knowing that so much of what I learn, how effectively work, and how I show up for others rely on my Internet connection.
  • I am so grateful to live in a time where authentic connections can be made online.

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Author: Joandrea

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