Enriching The Mind With Positive Psychology

The School of Greatness Podcast is the biggest influence and was the catalyst to the positive changes in my life.
My boss Joey recommended the podcast a few years ago. I just tried it once and fell in love with it. And look where I am now? I’ve lost more than 30lbs and I’m able to keep the weight off, I’ve maintained a practice of healthy eating, I am stronger, my lupus symptoms are down, I was able to go to Japan, AND I’m a lot better with dealing with stress and relationships.
Why was it so helpful? It’s full of  Positive Psychology. It puts my mind in the right direction and state to tackle my day (short-term) and my goals (long-term). The one recurring theme in that podcast is that you can learn new things every day. There will always be a topic where you can reflect upon: relationships, health, meditation, work practices, and so on.
A Positive Change

The biggest contribution of The School of Greatness Podcast was on changing the way I think. And let me just remind you that our brain is the most amazing powerful organ/muscle in our body! 

  • I learned to adopt the growth mindset. I took classes in English Writing, Financial Accounting, and Learning How To Learn (methods on how to approach learning). I came to realise that I can improve myself in so many areas of my life and I am NOT limited to being good in just my inborn talents.
  • I learned not to blame the situation but take accountability on where I am now.
  • I learned the power of having a positive mindset when I used to resist this greatly because at one point my brother just started talking in a weird way–I didn’t realise he was doing positive self-talk (and read The Secret). But now I embrace it.
    • Having a positive attitude also enabled me to identify those who share the same trait and those who don’t. The goal is to lead by example. Positivity is contagious.
  • AND so much more.

Find a consistent way to feed your brain with positivity. I want you to find your own School of Greatness Podcast. It can be a prayer book reflection, it can be talking to your mentor or best friend and feeding off each other’s positivity, it can be sharing your gratitude with your special someone (honestly, couples should be doing this on a regular basis), it could even be following a Tumblr, twitter, or Instagram account that breathes positivity into your day.

I tell you, if you start doing this on a consistent basis.. something is bound to change in a good way.

“Some say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it every day.”

Author: Jo

Hallo! I'm Jo! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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