September Is A Comeback Month

My lupus is back.

It presented itself two Saturdays ago with upper back ache, arms aching, and both my left and right fingers having rayuma in the morning. Monday last week, I started taking prednisone again, and it did manage some of the pain, but I had to up the dose to 10mg/day to feel “normal”.


  • I caught a bacteria two weeks ago and it required IV medication. So I have been an Emergency Room outpatient every 12 hours for 7 days. Going in and out of the hospital stressed me out since the hours messed up me and my mom’s sleep.
  • Not sticking to my diet. I used to be so hardcore with my relationship with vegetables. I used to have smoothies for breakfast. But I wasn’t able to keep it up. And like bad habits, regular food crept up on me. It’s apparent that a person susceptible to lupus requires a primarily vegetarian diet.
  • Work and friends. They do not explicitly stress me out, but since I’m already in a point of stress, work and friends trigger more stress. I think regardless of what the stimuli are right now I’m treating them as stress.

Here’s how I’m going to hack it:

  1. I will not panic and understand that I have been here before. And I know the steps to get better.
  2. Lessen stimuli. Told my friends I’m doing a time out from them so I can focus on myself and my work. Told my bosses of the situation too. Removed my facebook account from my phone. Also managing online time down to 3hrs a day.
  3. Diving into a heavy vegetarian diet; juicing in the morning; 1.5-2cups of vegetables PER MEAL. Also, eat more of the right things. I’m currently 120lbs/55 kilos. And I want to be around 5lbs or 2kgs heavier.
  4. Applying Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • I have programmed my belief system that certain actions lead to success against conquering lupus.
    • I believe that I can hack my body to rebuild my immune system through a heavy vegetable and fruit diet. This belief, when supplemented with the right actions, not only does what it’s supposed to, it triggers my own belief that I will get well. This internal trigger of the mind dictates the body to get better. It is the opposite of the vicious cycle–a cycle of progress/results.

Okay! Signing out!!! ❤


Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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