THREE | Best School of Greatness Podcast Episodes

I’ve been a School of Greatness (SOG) Podcast listener since 2015 after my boss Joey introduced me to it. This podcast has helped me transform my mindset and widened my perspective of the world.  It focuses on first-hand knowledge and experiences by people who are the best in their field. And it’s also full of positive psychology. I’m a true believe that what we feed our mind consistently, feeds our actions too.

I’m a true believer that what we feed our mind consistently, feeds our actions too, and  in turn, is translated into how we show up to other and how we live our lives.

Here are my three favourite SOG episodes. These are the ones that left a mark and whose lessons became rooted in me.


Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of Eat, Pray, Love)

I was enlightened with Elizabeth and Lewis’ discussion about following your passion. Not everyone has that “one thing” which they can identify as their one purpose in life. Sometimes we follow our curiosities. The universe will send us clues or nudges on what we want to do next. And it’s okay to pursue those small nudges. Life doesn’t have to be this one big project, we can fill it up with little projects too. And that’s okay.

Elizabeth also talked about her attitude when showing up for big events. There will be instances when you will be looked upon for inspiration or as a leader and in these instances, you must show up your very best.


Steve Weatherford (Football Punter and Super Bowl Champ)

What I learned from this podcast is fairly simple but effective: practice positive self-talk and visualisation every single morning. Most of the time we just go thru our day like routine. Creating this habit keeps your driven and pumping even when things get mundane.

I was also able to relate with how Steve crushes his Mondays and makes it the driving momentum for the rest of the week. Like him, Mondays get me excited!


Ray Lewis (NFL Legend)

I learned so many things from this one interview alone and no doubt, this is my favourite for the year.

Ray Lewis talks about how the things lacking in our lives are what can fuel our drive to greatness. It was his father not being around that fueled him to provide and take care of his family and achieve great things in his NFL career.

Sometimes we are given the worse kinds of cards in life, but we still are the writers of our own story. We control our own temperature. Ray talks about what it means to be a man: accepting every unfair thing that life throws at you without complaining and responding to it by becoming better and moving forward.

He also talks about his relationship with God and how the Holy Word is his compass.

I am truly impressed and inspired by Ray because not only does he have high and solid principles, he has lived it out, and continues to live it out as a trailblazer instead of a follower.

I hope you’ll be able to listen to these three. I plan to go through them again before the start of the new year!

Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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