A Step Into Minimalism


I have been a rabid consumer for the last 29 years and some time in 2015, I experienced a feeling of overwhelm that was difficult for me to comprehend. I felt like I had so many things on my plate, so many books to read, so many TV shows to watch, so many games lined up to play on the 3Ds and iPad, on top of the work I have to do. Later on, I realized that having so many things overwhelmed me. My gadgets controlled my attention because they “needed to be used”.

It was only late last year that I read and learned about minimalism.

First off, Minimalism is different for everyone. For some, it is applicable to fashion or decor, an aesthetic, for others, it’s a lifestyle.

Minimalism for me is seeking to have fewer excesses in order to have more time, more growth, experiences, and creativity. I feel like I have so many things I don’t need or use and there are many times that they overwhelmed me.  I had so many gadgets and they all wanted my attention. So I sold my 3DS and I recently sold my Kindle. I have so many fountain pens, pens, writing materials, and clothes I no longer wear, and I’ve given most of them away. Now, I’m giving away some of my shoes and bags.

I have to say, having fewer things allows me to appreciate what I have more. Fewer things allow me to focus on the things I really like doing: working, reading books, exercising, listening to podcasts, writing, and spending time with my family and friends. I still have a lot of things, I’m not down to 150 items like this dude, but I feel lighter than I did in a long time.

I’m most especially happy to have fewer clothes! I have about 7 tops that rotate and 5 pants. I don’t go out often, maybe once or twice a week, so I don’t need that many clothes for going out. At home, I have white v-neck lounge shirts and a few athletic shorts that go on rotation. That’s it. I still have dresses for special occasions but they are few and are on rotation too. Most importantly, I like myself better when I don’t give in to shopping online just for the emotional payoff of getting something brand new.

The goal this year is to keep things I love and use, to become very mindful of the reason why I want to shop for things (do I need this or do I just want more?), and in turn create more output such as blog posts or videos.

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