Karen x Aris 💍🏩

Congratulations to my girlfriend of 12 years, Karen, and her now husband, Aris. Karen was such a beautiful, happy bride. Hands down.


I love weddings because it symbolises a celebration and promise of love. Ang sarap ng pwede mo nang sabihin sa buong mundo na “ako’y sayo at ika’y akin lamang”and with God’s blessing and hundreds of witnesses. 

My college blockmates and I grew up into adults together. We are all witnesses of each other’s heartbreaks, moments of kilig and joy, and growth. So when it’s one of my blockmates getting married, it’s an extra-extra special occasion.

The event was full of laughter (and konting landian) thanks to my college block group who were super bibo during the whole event. We joined in on the games and was the loudest table. We closed down the evening with dancing and plenty of drinking too.

Paola, I am forever appreciative of you being yourself. We all draw from your wild energy everytime we have parties. Please designate your substitute for Nescy’s wedding.


Thank you for the wine and how it made our hips looser and generally more confident (and wild) on the dance floor.

Another highlight was David and Alex’s kiss during the married couple’s contest.


And everyone who were there, the beautiful ladies and dashing men of the block. I’m sure all of us shared the joy of celebrating Karen and Aris’ love.


Aris and Karen, I wish you a married life that is patient, strong, and committed for many, many years to come.

I love you blockmates.

Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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