Relationships | Why Falling In Love Is (Still) Awesome

I’m still going thru heartbreak and haven’t fully moved on from my last (pseudo) relationship. Despite that, looking back there were plenty of good things we had going on.

So here’s a post in time for next week’s Valentine’s day.

Why falling in love is awesome:

1. Being accepted for my flaws. Nobody is perfect, but when we were in love, my partner and I magnified each other’s positive traits 10X! It felt good when he saw and told me I was beautiful. And it was great to have him curious about me as much as I was curious about him. We were big on acknowledging each other’s merits and working on our weaknesses. We had a relationship that allowed both of us to be vulnerable and accepted.

2. Every day was a day to be grateful. My outlook on life became more positive and I was grateful whenever he and I would talk. All the hours spent processing our day, sharing our beliefs, and culture, those were wonderful. Time spent is time given, thank you!

3. Every love song is my love song! Especially the extra cheesy songs he’d sent me.

4. Growth. My partner taught me a lot about life in a totally different perspective. This was especially true because he lives in a different country. He taught me a lot about his culture and the values he kept: being sensitive and empathetic; valuing family and material things. Thru the difference and similarities, I got more acquainted with my own principles.

5. Never let anyone tell you what is meaningful or not. I had a relationship that was conceived online (on Tinder! omg!). And I learned not to let anyone make me question its merits and value. No one can tell me that it didn’t count.

You give meaning to your relationships. I had a meaningful relationship. It was real. I don’t care what you think.

6. I was super inspired. Being in a nourishing relationship drove me to improve on myself. Take note, I already liked who I was coming in. I already knew my merits as a person and all that. But when I was with him, I wanted to be more loving, generous, kind, and I wanted to achieve more things.

7. Exclusivity. I love the ideal of exclusivity, and as far as I know, we were. Having someone loyal to you and giving that loyalty back is a big deal for me. It meant choosing my partner for his strengths and faults, every single day. And vice versa. When there are a number of other options out there, when I could’ve chosen an easier way.

I chose him until the day it had to end.

me and you.big.jpg

Fall in love, stay in love!


Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Joan! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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