Wanderland 2017 – My First Music Festival

Wanderland 2017 was my first experience of a music festival. Here’s a bit of retelling to let you know why I’ll be willing to do it again and why you should try it out too.

Last Minute
I already knew about the event early in the year when my best friend (yes, may label talaga) Kikko told me that he wanted to go with his girlfriend, Gab. I looked it up immediately and thought it was something I haven’t experienced yet and it was in the southern part of the Metro so it would be easier for me to get to-and-fro. At the same time, my brother’s family was set to leave for Poland around that date, so I was hesitant to confirm early. I got a go signal on Wednesday, three days before the event. Many thanks to my BFF, Kikko, who sold me his extra VIP tickets at a best-friend-discount.

2017-03-03 11.18.47
VIP wristbands: gave us access to the VIP viewing deck and Star Portalets,

The Wanderland 2017 Experience

I’m rather sheltered and was excited to get a chance to observe new people, see how I’d function in an environment that I’m not used, and experience music being played live. I help handle Halik ni Gringo, but I have rarely experienced live performances.

Being in the presence of a band playing live feels very different from the comfort of sitting at home with my Bose headphones on–live is a lot better. I could literally feel the music as it vibrates inside my body. Surprisingly, I wasn’t bothered by the presence of the crowd (maybe because they were so behaved, haha) that there were plenty of times I felt I was alone and having an intimate moment with the band who was playing. There were moments too when I felt I belonged with the crowd, during the times we clap in sync and sang along. Ganda. Saya. I was impressed especially with how vocally accurate the Filipino bands were compared to the records and youtube videos. These were seasoned performers.

The Crowd
I think most of the people who attended Wanderland were young, teens to early 30s with a few scattered seniors and over-40s. The dress was very Coachella-ish, meaning very little clothing for the ladies and guys who had muscles to show wore sandos. Otherwise, summer casual attire.

2017-03-04 17.49.12.jpg

As usual, I wore my uniform: white shirt, black leggings, backpack.

My boss, Joey, was there too, and he said everyone was so civilised in the event compared to the festivals he’s been to. My BFF Isay said that the price of the event was selective of the kind of people who can afford to go.

Anyway, lots of pretty ladies and a few hot men, I would say. Meron talagang imbalance sa distribution. Ha ha! Most of them were in that phase.. the young ladies were looking good, while some of the guys were obviously trying to act casual and confident but the body language said otherwise—at least among the ones I’ve observed. And then there are those who came for the music and a few like myself who were not intent on seeing the bands, but was there to see what it’s all about and spend time with friends.

I am a Tita.
For those not familiar with the term, ‘tita’ means aunt. In Filipino urban dictionary, “tita” or “tito” is synonymous to adult. For me tita doesn’t necessarily pertain to an age, rather is a tita mindset. And I brought my tita mindset with me in Wanderland.


I over packed: I brought a thick blanket that would serve as a mat because I was expecting we’d be sitting on the ground–we ended up sitting in a VIP viewing deck and got our own chairs and table instead. But that’s okay because the blanket became handy after midnight when the temperature dropped and the wind blew cold (kawawa naman the children wearing little clothing). Aside from that, I brought my own water bottle after reading that last year the concessionaires ran out. I also brought an umbrella last minute because it was drizzling when we were on our way there. I brought my canon G7X mk2 camera and an unbelievably heavy powerbank. I wish I left the powerbank and umbrella at home and just took with me my Gorillapod hybrid.

When I arrived at the venue I also had a tita mentality mode on. I knew where the first aid station was located, I knew where the food stalls were, and I also made sure I knew how to get to the portalets. I got food early and before everyone crowded in the food stalls. #tita

My only bad move was taking a drink from a random guy sitting next to us who offered our group shots of Patron (with maybe something else). Only later on did my other tito friend tell me never to take a drink from someone who is not your friend. Ha ha, lesson learned.

Good First
I think having Wanderland 2017 as a first festival experience was good for me. It was not traumatic nor scary, it was quite enjoyable! It made me look forward to experiencing more live music events and added to my confidence bucket. Baby steps to wilder things I hope.

Wanderland Cap.jpg
How can I not buy this overpriced pink Wanderland cap by New Era?

Thanks, universe. That was a good one!

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