Food | Alive! Restaurant: How Does The All-Organic-No-Meat Menu Fair?

The Farm is a centre for holistic healing and wellness where people balance their mind, body, and spirit with nourishing live foods in an eco- friendly place.

This nature sanctuary/wellness escape follows a philosophy that applies to the food they serve. In the Pre-Arrival Guidelines they provided, we were told to leave the junk and processed food behind. Alive! Restaurant is the only food provider in the area, with the city being a few kilometres and car ride away. In others words, unless you’re going to sneak in extra food, you are stuck with fruits and veggies the rest of your stay.

Here’s what we had during our stay. I’ll jump to it then.

Waiting Food: Crackers and Pineapple: Masarap

Crackers and Pineapple

We were served a kind of seeded crackers. And a pineapple-based dish to eat it with. I do not know what this is called, but MASARAP.

Vegetable Wraps: MASARAP

This looks like and tastes similar to the Vietnamese vegetable spring rolls. But instead of serving it with vinegar, it is drizzled with what I believe to be a nut-based dressing. The sharing size is good for three.

Tofu Steak: Do not order this!

Tofu Steak

No surprise on what this tasted like. The tofu was firm and compact. The sauce was tasty despite being light. But it’s nothing special.

Mama’s Veggie Sausage Sandwich: Looks good, tastes weird

Vegetable Sausage

Mum let us taste her dish and the whole time I was frowning and wondering what the heck I was eating. Mum said it tasted like meat, papa and I said it tasted like weird.

Risotto: Pwede!


This was my main dish for lunch. It was very tasty, too tasty in fact, nakakaumay. The glutinous rice was cooked with gata. Then I believe (I’m not really sure what kind of vegetable mixtures they make) the topping was baked carrots that was crunchy on the outside but soft and mashed inside. It also had shiitake mushrooms which are my favourite!

HALO-HALO: Pwede na…


Instead of milk, coconut juice was used. The “ice cream” on top was also some kind of coconut by-product. To me, the “ice cream” tasted like coconut oil lard–it was too strong. This tasted mediocre but it was exactly what I needed after a workout.

The Three-Course Free Breakfast

When you book a room at The Farm, it includes a free breakfast. Their breakfast is a three-course meal.

Fresh Fruits

The first course is a choice between salad or fresh fruits. The fruits severed were the ones in season, however, its sweetness and ripeness are not guaranteed. Both the mango and pineapple were sour, while the papaya was perfect.


The second course was grain cereal with coconut milk. At first taste, it was yucky–mostly because of the coconut milk. But on my second or third spoonful, it started to taste interesting. I had to remove the fruit toppings tho because the sourness of the pineapple didn’t match the whole coconuty-cereal taste.

The third course was a choice between french toast with banana or arroz caldo. The arozz caldo was a winner even if it didn’t have any chicken in it (or so they say). It was made with glutinous rice, seasoned with spices and calamansi, and sprinkled with a few vegetables. A delicious, warm carbohydrate meal to fuel your day.

I didn’t get to taste this “french toast” dish. I think my dad found it just okay.

Banana French Toast

Overall the food experience at Alive! Restaurant was..mediocre. For me, it was neither depriving (from the lack of meat) nor particularly tasty (given that I was expecting something above average with the price 2-3x regular food).

I’ll use what my mum said as my final verdict: “Hindi babalikan” (not something you’ll go back to).

PS. The food you get here is fiber-rich so you know what to expect the morning after.

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