Minimalists I Follow

When I’m trying out new things I look to other people for inspiration. For example, I follow Casey Neistat for YouTube videos, mostly because he’s just fun to watch. The other guy I follow is James Altucher, I follow him for his honest writing. You get the picture.

For minimalism, these are the people I look to:

Isay Roque

headstan isay.jpg

Isay is my best friend. She’s a digital nomad/writer/jiujitsu/knife fighter who also happens to be a minimalist. Never once has she labelled herself a minimalist, but looking at how she lives her life, I want to be more like her, especially her relationship with her material things. It’s very Marie Kondo-ish.

Brief background. Marie Kondo wrote The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, New York Times Best Seller. The philosophy she teaches is summed up to whether your belongings spark joy and are they items that serve a function. If they do, then they belong in your home. If they aren’t, then we should say goodbye to them.

Isay is the same. I don’t see her attached to her things but to the function her things bring her. Isay loves jiujitsu and part of her love for the sport includes her love for a great gi (the uniform/clothing). And she will spend on an expensive gi. She also loves backpacking and she was given a North Face backpack which she loves and uses in her travels. But things she doesn’t love, she doesn’t spend on. Such as makeup (hehe) or expensive clothing or tech products or online subscriptions–because she’s not into that (this is also why she doesn’t take great photos 😐 but writes really well).

Finally, Isay has the capacity to look at something she wants to buy and ask herself whether or not she needs it and say “no I won’t buy that because I just want it”. This is a skill I’m now only learning to develop.

James Altucher


James Altucher is a weirdo. He’s socially inept most of the time and he writes honestly about how he feels and what he’s learned thru his failures. Anyway, he also sold all his belongings and lives out of his two bags and Airbnbs. Check out his post How Minimalism Brought Me Freedom and Joy. I like the idea that having fewer things helps us become more creative. Building from Marie Kondo’s philosophy, having fewer things in the realm of activities we don’t love or need, allows more space to appreciate and use the things, people, and activities we do love and need.

Check out James. He’s fun to read.

Jenny Mustard


The first things you need to know when you first watch her Youtube videos is that, yes, she does shave her eyebrows. LOL.

I like her because she has her own brand of minimalism. She wears makeup, she is extremely pale, is super thin, looks a bit like an android in a sci-fi movie, but is very real. She talks about how she shares her clothes with her boyfriend, her channel’s camera equipment and how they buy second-hand items or not the best gear, she shows how to cook meals that are good for the rest of the week. And most importantly, she believes that minimalism doesn’t have one definition for everyone.

Jenny Mustard taught me that being high fashion and creating beautiful content can exist within the philosophy of minimalism. Even her videos have a minimalist feel and are relaxing to watch.

Check out her videos about HYGGE and this.

Who NOT to follow:

If you’re also interested in minimalism, you will most likely find these two guys on the internet. They call themselves The Minimalists. I urge you not to follow them. Although they were the first who introduced me to the concept of minimalist, for me, they don’t come across as natural nor happy about their choice of being a minimalist. I just don’t see it. Where’s the joy part? That’s just the vibe I get from them.


With that, I hope that you’ll find more meaning in your life thru people and experiences and not things.


Author: Jo

Hallo! I'm Jo! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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