First Time Meal Preparation: 5 Different Meals in 4 Hours

Sunday. I told my mother the day before that I’d like for us to cook a few different meals with the chicken thighs we still have in the freezer, which will serve as Prepared Meals for the week.

I have not been consistent with my Intermittent Fasting schedule and that’s because I haven’t been eating right, not enough calories, not the right kinds of food. I’m hoping that meal planning will solve some of the bad behaviors we have regarding food consumption:

✔ Ordering delivery food. I do like the taste of fast food, but the calories are too much and there’s a lot of preservatives and unhealthy ingredients in them. I also don’t like the sight of so much wasted cardboard and plastics for the packaging. It’s so bad for the environment — it makes me feel guilty all the time. With five different ready-to-eat-meals (that tastes good), this will deter us from ordering delivery food.

✔ Intermittent Fasting. Having ready to eat meals will help ensure I eat on schedule. Sometimes the problem with being unable to follow IT is not having food around that is ready to eat at the time I’m scheduled to eat.

✔ Real Food. When there’s no real food ready to eat, my tendency will always be to open up a pack of Knick Knacks, Skyflakes, Fita, Double Stuff Oreo, Chips or Lindt Chocolate. Now that I have salads and chicken ready to eat, I’ll most likely grab those — already did the past two days.

How long did it take us to meal prep?

It took me and my mom about 4 hours to prepare 5 meals and cook them in a two-burner stove. And yes, it was hot inside the kitchen and by the time we were done I was pooped from the heat and from cutting vegetables and preparing the ingredients. Cooking real food is not as easy as opening a bag of chips or popping something in the microwave – that’s why I preferred doing the dishes while mom cooks most of my meals. This time around I experienced the whole enchilada  – preparation and cooking, as well as the cleanup. And I tell you, kitchen work is a labor of love.

Here are some of the NOT SEXY photos of our finished dishes:

Menudo + Pandesal = 💖


Salad Snacks
Add dressing and boiled egg, it’s as good as a light snack or as a side for lunch or dinner. 


The Sweet Style Chicken Adobo and Chicken Bulgogi looks similar and tastes similar too. One has a sweet and salty taste, while the other has a sweet and savory flavor. Admittedly, I didn’t think this through. Next time, we’ll make Adobong Tagalog and Chicken Teriyaki.

That’s it for now. I’m already fantasizing about that lunch or dinner where I only have to go downstairs, put the precooked chicken on my plate, stick it into the microwave for two minutes and enjoy.

Until next time!

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