Pho Bac – A Taste of Vietnam

Updated February 2018.

This time around, I’ve already been to Hanoi, Vietnam and I can compare, more or less, how our local Pho Bac version fares.

I have a theory that Filipino versions of foreign cuisines are already modified to cater to the Filipino palate. That said, mas malasa, mas masarap ang Filipino version of almost anything (Don’t get me started on Ramen)! And I’m glad that’s the case.

Bottomline: Our local Pho Bac tastes so much better than any of the food I tried during my four days in Hanoi. I can’t even find my favorite sweetened vinegar served in Pho Bac in any of the places we ate in, and we went to both cheap hole-in-the-wall eateries and restaurants alike.

Here are our PhoBac favorites:

Cambodian Soup: We’ve been having this same meal for more than 10 years since we first ate in Pho Bac in Robinsons Galleria. Comes with liver, pork cutlets, ground beef, monggo sprouts, kikiam, and more I can’t recall. Highly recommended. Has a clean-tasting light broth.


Pork Spring Rolls: Great match for the Cambodian soup. I love having this with their Sweet Vinegar. 😍


Steamed Pork/Mushroom: Dip it in their peanut sauce. But I like Sweet Vinegar with EVERYTHING.


Spring Roll Salad: When I don’t feel like having broth/soup, I order the Spring Roll Salad: fried pork spring roll, some green leafy vegetables on the side, plenty of mung sprouts, lots and lots of cold noodles (probably 1 and a half cup), and some unsalted peanuts on top.

Spring Roll Salad
Spring Roll Salad

Highly recommended! Also easy on the pocket, one meal costs ₱300 tops. It costs about  ₱1000-₱1200 for three people. Yes, nakakabusog. 

Come visit their branch in Glorietta and have a go yourself!


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