Lego For All Ages

It all started with my brother, Jopa, and his slowly growing Lego collection. He kept showing us the modular house he built and the many others he designed from scratch. His enthusiasm was bound to rub off on me and my mom. And soon enough we found ourselves in the Lego Certified Store about to make our first ever lego purchase.

This Lego bag is a free advertisement. Don’t let it fool you, the boxes inside aren’t that big. 😬

Mom always wanted to get the Lego house while I went and got the treehouse of Lego Friends. I’ve always fantasized about having a treehouse when I was younger and this is kind of fulfilling that fantasy.


We also got a free Lego 60 Years box set from our purchase. YEY!

What they don’t tell you about building Legos.

Building the small Lego sets was a lot of fun. I would often pause to appreciate the little Lego parts and the cute details they added to make the design complete. You know, the flower buds, the rabbit, and bird, the carrots — they were all so adorable to put together. I also especially enjoyed making the tiny ship and small lego models from the free box set the store gave. It’s fascinating how something so tiny and with few parts can be made to look like a ship or a castle.

Mom's first lego set
Lego for all ages. Here’s a photo of my mom with the first Lego set she built. She’s 57. After finishing this one, she was excited to build her next set right away.

Building a Lego house is a different story. 


They don’t tell you how tiring it is to build a “big” set. Building the Modular home took us more than four hours and after it was all done, we were tired, hungry, have both a headache and backache, in short – exhausted.

Before, I’ve always believed that building Lego models is a one-person activity. But that wasn’t true. Mom and I bonded when we built the modular house together. We prepared the parts, we separated the colours, I guided my mom when the instructions weren’t clear, and we also switched places when the other got tired and needed to stretch. I discovered that both of us were patient and didn’t get frustrated when our backs started to hurt from all the sitting and hunching over. In the end, we were proud of our work and it felt good to see something we “made” be displayed in our house. Most importantly, my mom, who has no interest in games and toys, enjoyed building the Lego set. 👌🏻


I’m pretty sure the story won’t end here. I already have fantasies of disassembling the modular home and making it into to my fantasy house. And I want to get a Lego Friends Camper Van to complete my other fantasies. Haha!

Lego for all ages!

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