Meet Me In St. Gallen

Meet Me In St. Gallen Body.jpg

Parang napanuod ko na ito?

Before Sunset?

What are the chances of meeting someone you believe is your soulmate? The story went on like this. You meet once, a day at most, and that meeting stays with you for years. You made life-changing decisions because of this person. You left your fiancé, you compared everyone you’ve been with against this person, you made art in his memory years after in nothing less than you first gallery exhibition. Huli ka!

Bakit ka susugal base sa mga sandali (sige, ilang oras, isang sex session)? Kagaguhan.

But that is the story of Meet Me in St. Gallen. Two people fell in love because of a couple of hours which they interpreted as a unique, perfect event with their soulmate. They made each other into “the one”, “the one that got away”.

In the end, mas masakit parin kay Jesse (Carlo Aquino) ang nangyari, kasi sumugal siya at nagpunta sa St. Gallen, iniwan ang nabuong relasyon sa kanyang fiancé para sabihin sa babaeng minsyan siyang minahal na piliin siya. Mabuti na lang at hindi siya pinili ni Celeste (Bella Padilla). Mabuti na lang at pinili ni Celeste ang kinakasama na niya. Pinili niya ang relationship na nabuo mula sa maraming maliliit at malalaking sandali, araw, linggo at taon. Good job. Hindi happy ending, but it was a good ending.

Author: Jo

Hallo! I'm Jo! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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