Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story

Sid & Aya 2.jpg

Sid starts in a monologue. And what’s more, he says, this story, what I was then about to watch, isn’t a love story. Similar to 500 Days of Summer, where the narrator says this isn’t a love story, I believed it. And it was unfair because throughout the movie I was reminding myself this isn’t a love story.

Liar. It was a love story. It was a “black swan” kind of story. Sid wasn’t happy despite his success. He’s already with someone, but it’s a shallow relationship. Then Aya comes along.

Aya is the typical beautiful heroine. She works hard, she’s got a great personality—albeit a chain-smoker—and she’s going thru the admirable struggle of making it through a hard life.

One is struggling from the loneliness of having money and success but without meaning, while the other struggles from the loneliness of trying to survive. They meet in the middle.

Aya seems to be the one who is always running away. But she wasn’t running, she was choosing a different path. SAt the very end, it looked and felt like Aya was where she wanted to be, in a coffee shop (with a contented smile even), then the universe brought Sid back to her once again.

I have a feeling the ending of the final meeting is going to be a good one.


The director, Irene Villamor, who also made Meet Me in St. Gallen, likes magical moments, black swans, & coffee shops.

Author: Jo

Hallo! I'm Jo! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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