In Pursuit of Creating

I’ve been in the habit of writing almost daily from April 2018 up until January 2020—albeit for a client. Still, for me it counted as creative output.

At the end of January this year, I left that job and a few days following my resignation, I was hospitalized for half a month due to brain inflammation second to an SLE flare. 

I was already back home by the middle of February and was more or less recuperated by the end of March. But the desire to create something, be it writing or videos, did not come until today as I started writing again for public consumption (never mind that I don’t have any readers yet). 

I’m barely working these days. The industry I’m in is in the non-essential sector, therefore I was reduced to doing skeletal work and tasks my employer asks me to do every so often. For some, all this free time meant an opportunity to create. For me, it meant more time to consume—unhealthy food, Kdramas, books and podcasts. Of the four, only the last two are arguably worthwhile. This is not to say that I have wasted all my time in useless pursuits. I’ve built some good habits and are working on others. However, one of the things I having been deeply desiring to do is create in equal parts of the amount I consume—which by itself is a tall order, since humans are consumption machines. 

For many including myself, creating is a nourishing pursuit. And here it begins again.

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