Moving Back To The Province

None of my friends read my website yet it’s here where I’m going to disclose that me and my family have decided to move back to my hometown in Quezon Province.

The decision was very fast. It was suggested on the third Friday of April and decided upon the following day. We immediately sought architects and after only five weeks we have a final house design. My parents will be heading to the architect’s firm probably within the week and will be collecting the blueprints for our future home.

The first few weeks of this decision was hard on me. The first people I’ve told are my closest friends and are the ones who I’m going to miss A LOT. Sure we’ve not been seeing each other as often as we could have had there been no pandemic. Yet the space that will come between us scared me. I feared I might lose them due to our distance.

There were plenty of tears this past month. At the same time there was a lot of growth and faith that came with the uncertainty. Thru this I have loved deeper by loosening of my attachments— attachment to a place and for people. Surely they cannot be defined by finite variables such as our distance from each other. Is not my love deeper than this?

As for work. I’m sure I’ll find something more to do there. I’ll still be able to work with my current boss since we work virtually. As for friends… One of my best friends, Barwin, also left for Japan this month, yet I feel no less farther away from him. I am hoping it will be the same for me and my relationships. ♡

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