Confronted By The Need to Change

In the past two months me and my family have been in the process of building a new home in the province. 

It’s interesting how I thought that by moving to a new place and having a new house, I can suddenly start being a new/different/better kind of person. 

I thought that when we got there, we would not only have new things, but more importantly, less things & less baggage from our current home. We would finally get to the forgotten items stored in boxes hidden in our storage rooms, give them away, sell, or dispose of them. I was telling myself that when I start living in a new place, I’d finally have a clean slate—literally & figuratively—and thus it would be easier to adapt a minimalist or essentialist lifestyle & aesthetic. 

With our plans to go back to the province cancelled, this grand idea of me becoming a new person became much more difficult to achieve because it is no longer mandatory. 

But if there is anything I learned in the past two months, it’s that the lifestyle changes I wanted to adapt in a new home are the same ones I need to have in my current one.

Despite our decision to stay, I feel a healthy amount of pressure to become more mindful of my surroundings, the things I let into my life in the form of purchases, people, food, and much more. For such a long time, I wanted to feel the freedom of having less but all these had remained to be ideas awaiting to be practiced.

Starting small. My bed and my desk are my the first two places I’m going to make sure are always organized.

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