Welcome 2022 – Are We F****d?

Monday, January 3. A little after lunchtime, my father comes home from his first day back in the office with news that at least 30 of their office staff have tested positive from their Covid-19 antigen test. Shortly, news from friends and my employer poured in saying the same thing is happening in their company and household. 

I was not expecting the surge to happen so fast. I knew it was inevitable but had hoped it would emerge sometime in February or even March. But we—as in the Filipinos—were complacent during the holiday season. The news of low positive covid tests in the whole of December made people feel it was okay to go out. Unknowingly, Omicron was already here as early as November, one friend said. And our complacency resulted in this surge that came sooner.  

In the next few days or within the week we’re expecting a steep rise in the positive cases. If it’s the Omicron variant, many won’t even get tested, a good number won’t have symptoms. Having not gone out of my house for more than a year, even these extra measures for safety may not do well enough against an extremely transmissible virus (and yes we have two carpenters coming in and out of our house daily). But hopefully, it isn’t as strong as the other variants. Hopefully, even if most of us get it, we will survive it. 

Two Days After

We have 10k cases, and I feel this would double or even triple in the coming days. From the initial fear and panic, news is coming in that fewer people are being hospitalized despite becoming positive from Covid. One article said that we are entering a new phase where the mass infection will cause herd immunization. 

To some extent this is good, but the other side of the story is that a high infection rate means a bigger pool of people still ending up in hospital beds. It also means that health workers are more likely to get infected. Hence more people in the hospital with fewer healthcare workers. 

I heard a doctor from OCTA Research that said getting the Omicron variant is similar to getting vaccinated or getting a booster shot and protects us from the Alpha, Delta and other variants. I hope this is true. Tho it felt to me too early for him to say as it has not been backed up with a study. 

Nevertheless, here we are.

Thursday. 17,220 positive covid-19 tests. With a 37% positivity rate (1 out of 3). Furthermore, we have to remember that there is a ceiling to the number of tests we can do on a daily basis on top of those not getting tested. So it’s safe to assume that the real numbers are a lot more than 17,000.

What do we do?

It would be foolish to be complacent and think Omicron is something everyone can handle. Of course, there will be those who are going to get it bad. So let’s still be careful, especially if we live with or is part of the vulnerable population.

Author: Joandrea

Hallo! I'm Jo! I write to tell stories that inspire.

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