WordPress F***d Up My Website

A few years back, I purchased a premium WordPress theme called Arcane thinking I would be able to use it perpetually. It still says in fine print on the bottom right “Never Expires”.

A few hours ago, I tried out some of the free themes offered here on WordPress believing I could always go back to my old theme in case I don’t like any of them. But when I started looking for my old premium theme, I couldn’t locate it.

After an hour of searching I finally found out why: the theme had been retired.

This theme was versatile yet simple.

I’ve posted on this blog with the old theme just last month and everything functioned fine. I wish there had been a warning sign that popped up saying I won’t be able to use my retired theme after I change it to a new one. Or even an email! I would have read that email.

I’ve no choice now than to work with a smaller free theme selection here on WordPress. Admittedly, I tried signing up to blogger again but their themes haven’t changed in the decade since I last used it!

Nevermind. I’ll tough it up with this one.

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