My New Minimalist Theme

I spent last weekend tweaking my new WordPress theme. And although I was initially forced to change it because my paid theme was discontinued, the process taught me how to navigate the new (it’s probably been like this for a while) WordPress Website Builder UI. — sexy website

The look of my website is inspired by Minimalism.Life which looks really sexy in tablet view. Oh and I just noticed as I write this that that website’s theme changes from dark to light depending on the appearance of your device. I’m using Safari on my iPad and it reflects my current UI appearance. That is so cool. But I probably couldn’t do that on my website.

So I guess this is a short lesson on change. There will always be changes that are forced upon us and our initial reaction is often negative. But as the Stoic teaching says, Amor Fati. Love your fate regardless of what it gives you. All is grist for the mill—use whatever is given to you as a way to grow.

Do you like the new look of my website?

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