I’m turning 33 and I haven’t figured out life yet.


This blog has already been around for 5 years (2016 November 19). Five years ago I was 28. From then until now, I haven’t really figured out life yet.

I begin this part of the story already three months into the Covid 19 pandemic, which for our country, became a reality as March 2020 entered. A new decade of plans, possibilities, romance, that turned itself upside down.

And though I have somewhat made progress on figuring out life before Covid-19 came into the picture, I find myself at a loss, dizzy and uncentered, yet again! I am, however, comforted from the words Gary Vaynerchuk said that many have not figured out life even if they are already 50 or at the brink of their death. And because this global pandemic is—global, all of us are trying to figure out life once again in what we now call the “new normal”.

I’m still a virgin and forever single. That’s been normal since birth. Therefore, I should be looking forward to the “new” normal, shouldn’t I?

Cheers to a new decade.

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