Family Christmas 2016

This Christmas, I am most grateful for my Family. I am grateful that we are complete and we were present during this Christmas celebration. I love that our Christmas this year was relaxed and we didn’t have to cook too much food or buy gifts for each other. It afforded me more time to reflect and be grateful for such a wonderful year that culminates in this season of love, thanksgiving, Jesus Christ, and family.

Thank you, God, for blessing me with a great family. I think the best quality my family has is the understanding that we rely on each other. Unlike others, we don’t move towards independence, rather we step into our roles, both big and small, and in that way we make ourselves responsible for each other and accountable for the roles we play. I believe it is not only love but also our interdependence that keeps us together.

The Present of Presence

Early next year, my brother’s family is leaving for Poland. And it is now more than ever, that we should keep our relationship strong. My goal for next year is to be more present/fully engaged whenever I spend time with my parents and family. I am beginning to be more conscious and intentional with not having a phone around or making sure work is done whenever I spend time with them. And when we are having a serious conversation or mum or dad needs someone to listen, I make sure I give them my full attention. So much time is already spent during the day with friends and work and the people you go home to are usually neglected. And so, this is a worthwhile goal next year, be a better daughter, be more loving, spend more time and be more present with my parents.


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