Yardstick Coffee – Golden Ticket

A couple of days ago, I purchased new coffee from Yardstick Coffee since GoBrewPh, my usual caffeine dealer isn’t able, to ship out my order before I run out of beans. I asked my college prof/friend Nic Chua for coffee bean recommendations near where I live. He pointed me to Habitual Coffee and Toby’s Estate, however, these shops couldn’t get back to me quickly. Luckily, one of Instagram’s algorithms worked and an ad for Yardstick Coffee popped up on my feed.

Going thru their bean selection, I chose the one that says it’s best brewed thru the Aeropress method. I also prefer chocolate notes instead of fruity notes, so it seemed like an easy choice, I didn’t bother checking the rest of their bean selection (since I’m often a satisficer).

The first time I open a bag of coffee, I smell the beans and observe if it’s different from the ones I usually have. My regular coffee is local Arabica from Mt. Kitanglad. On the other hand, Golden Ticket is a combination of Brazilian and Columbian beans. I’m guessing they are also Arabica since they are the same size as the ones I usually have.

Golden Ticket beans have a lighter scent with a noticeable sweetness. They are also Medium Roast, which is the easiest for me to brew in the Aeropress since I can use water off the boil. However, for my first brew, I allowed my water to cool down to 80°C.

Verdict: This coffee is a good candidate for a “daily driver”. Its acidity is just right, it’s also a medium roast, and it’s good to take on its own or with Coffee mate®. The price is about the same as local coffee, and Yardstick’s subscription entails free shipping.

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